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Dim XS

A Lightweight Monitor Dimming Tool


Easy to Use

Dim XS is a stupendously simple tool for reducing the brightness of your monitor(s). Whether you want to dim additional screens while gaming or watching a movie, or dim all your screens when you turn out the lights, Dim XS is there for you with easy and intuitive control.

Low System Impact

Dim XS uses virtually no system resources when minimized and 0% - 5% CPU when mousing over the GUI (This is standard for simply mousing over any GUI)

• Windows 7 when DPI Scaling is used Causes improper Filter Alignment. The workaround is set DPI scaling to 100%
   (I'm kinda looking into it)
Known Issues
• Delete Settings File to Reset everything to DefaultTips
• Extract DimXS.exe to Desired Location.

• Click/Double Click to Run

• (Optional) Right Click and "Pin to Task Bar or Start Menu for quick access

• If you received DimXS (or any other software of mine) from a third party Please Verify the SHA-256 Provided on my website.

• Auto Detect Monitors

• Easy Access Tray Icon

• Large "Enable" Button for Global Control

• Task Bar Button for Easy "Enable" Access

• Single Dim Adjustment Slider for controlling the Level of Dim on Selected Monitors

• Global Hot Key To "Quick Toggle" Enable state with easy configuration

• Portable Persistent Settings File
Quick Look
Easy Global Hot Key ConfigurationSimple Dim AdjustmentEasy Access Toggle Button on Toolbar Easy Enable/Disable Button Easy Access Tray Icon when Minimized to TrayAuto Detect Monitors
Release Notes (for those interested) Trouble ShootingDownloads and InstallationDimXS Release Notes
DimXS v2.2 SHA256 Text File.
(Never run DimXS.exe unless it matches the CRC from this website.)
DimXS v2.2 - Zip file containing Portable EXE Copyright © 2005-2023 Stupendous Computers. All Rights Reserved
I wrote Dim XS for myself out of "Burning Necessity" LOL. If you like, or even Love the tool as much as I do, please show your appreciation with a Donation of your choosing. I use Dim XS just about every day, and as a PC gamer of 30+ years, I'm really surprised it took me this long to solve this problem. Enjoy!

~ Your Neighborhood Friendly
Stupendous Man!
Checking SHA256 using GIT Bash
Windows Powershell can be used as well

Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256 <Filename>